Love Your Boobs Day – It’s The Breast Thing Ever

[Charlotte Mullin | Contributing Writer]

October wasn’t just for Halloween; it was also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise understanding of the disease and its symptoms. In honour of this, the Students’ Union held a ‘Love Your Boobs Day’ event in the Forum on the 27th October, which featured a ton of informative pamphlets from the charity Coppafeel, an Ann Summers booth, and two dancing breasts inviting you to have a squeeze to help distinguish tell-tale signs of cancer.

Around 48,000 women and 350 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and although four out of five cases occur in women over 50 years old, it’s important for everybody, even young’uns like us, to be aware of its symptoms.

Sarah Taylor, a third-year literature student who attended the event, praised it for ‘educating students about the issue’ and for emphasising the importance of paying attention to your body, since ‘a great fitting bra is so good for mental and physical health’.  Hence Ann Summers’ presence at the event, where they offered free fittings and gave 10% off bras if you bought one.

I went for a fitting myself and was unbelievably pleased with how it went, even if it meant getting shirtless in a tiny plastic tent by The Forum shop. Anyone with breasts will vouch that a bra that fits feels like pure heaven. There are so many factors to consider in getting a bra that’s perfect, that it is genuinely worth going to a leading brand and paying a little bit extra, rather than going for the cheaper option.

In light of this, then, we can all agree that our boobs deserve a little TLC; which, coincidentally, also stands for ‘Touch, Look, Check’; Coppafeel’s guideline for figuring out if you’re displaying signs of breast cancer. If you notice any lumps, changes in texture or nipple direction, or discharge, be sure to go to your doctor and (for lack of a better term) nip it in the bud in case it’s anything serious.

Don’t be afraid to give your boobs a good fondle every now and then, because it quite literally could save your life. For more information, visit Coppafeel’s website at

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