London Film and Comic Con Spring 2016

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London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) took over the whole of Olympia in London on February 27th, 2016. It provided on-goers their favourite television stars such as Nick Frost (known for acting roles in the films Shaun of the Dead and Paul), Shane Rimmer (known as Scott Tracey from the 1970’s hit TV series Thunderbirds), and Danny John-Jules (known for acting roles in Red Dwarf and Blade II). Aside from the celebrities present, there were also a host of other entertaining and exciting things to do and see, such as having photo shoots, autographing sessions, and a colossal range of TV and Film Memorabilia to browse over two floors.

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For most film enthusiasts, mainly for Star Wars, LFCC Spring 2016 was definitely the place to be. From rare comics, zombie-killing knives to boxing and  signed football items, LFCC is known to all from around the globe. LFCC is the perfect place to buy that rare movie prop or the latest film or TV poster as there is much to choose from. By looking at over 150 stalls from walking down the many aisles over two floors, you are sure to find that perfect memorabilia or coolest gift idea. When newbies turn up to this event, they think that most items for sale will cost more than a student loan, but they are certainly wrong. Graphic novels, and even TV and movie titles  start from only £1 each! Now think of how many of The Walking Dead Comics you could buy for that!

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One major lover of the TV series Breaking Bad, said:

“I come to LFCC every year, and well what can I say, it always changes, which enables me to come back, as there is always something new.”

Shane Rimmer (the voiceover for Scott Tracey from Thunderbirds) commented:

“I am so happy to see so many people here to see me, old and new fans I am proud to see them all here.”

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But LFCC is more than just celebrities and comics; there is a section within the venue called the “Cosplay Stage”, otherwise known as the performance art stage. On this stage, participants called cosplayers wear costumes and well-known fashion items that represent a specific character from their favourite television show, film or comic. By having this stage at the LFCC, it allows people to express themselves in an environment where they feel like they can be who they want. This hobby has grown in huge number since 1990 and is mainly popular in Japan as it is now known as a part of Japanese popular culture. Aside from the participants showing off their vibrant and homemade costumes, the Cosplay Stage is also a chance for some of the participants to give a talk on their time being cosplayers, and how they got into it.


One cosplayer who gave a talk at LFCC said “…[I] have not always wanted to do Cosplay, but by getting into this scene I feel like I can be who I want when I want to.”

Although it looked like it was the new Star Wars film that was going to be the reason that most of the participants were arriving in their hundreds, it was not. It was the sight of the one and only Batmobile! This is one of the famous figures in the superhero world, and it was a rare sight for the original Batmobile to be seen off set.


Peter Harvey (one of the spectators) said:

“I can’t believe that the ORIGINAL Batmobile is actually here! It has always been my dream to see this in person.”

As well at the Batmobile being present at LFCC for the one obvious reason (it is absolutely phenomenal!) it was also present to promote the new Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie coming out March 25th, 2016. It was hoping to bring excitement for the new film coming out in just under a month, and that was exactly what it did. Some say it was like being at a concert, with many people pushing their way to the front, and fighting for that perfect photo.


All images: Danielle Smith

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