Live at the Ele House: The Revivals

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The Revivals are not just another cover band, and their set list does not include yet another bad karaoke cover of ‘Sex on Fire’ or ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. After seeing their performance in the Elehouse in October, I can confidently say that they are the best Hertfordshire has to offer with covers of timeless 60s classics and cultural curveballs.

The main demographic for The Revivals is not what the Elehouse is used to, with a considerable portion of the audience being made up of the punk generation and mod revivalists who were there for “A good variety of music,” and a search for “Something different.”

In the interval, I had the chance to talk to the lead guitarist, Matt Cleverly.

UniVerse: If you had to describe your set list in one phrase, what would it be?

Matt Cleverly: Brit Pop. We cover mod, 90s and some naughtier stuff too. Everything but Queen; I don’t think Pat has Freddie’s voice. (laughs) Don’t tell him that I said that though.

UV: What would you say is the most challenging thing about performing at a small venue like the Elehouse?

MC: It’s very hard to get people up in small venues. A hundred people might be nerve-racking but they get into it fast; but when it’s an old man and his dog, it gets awkward really fast.

UV: What do you think is the best part of performing at the Ele?

MC: This is the third time we have performed at the Elehouse. It’s something really different, always a great crowd with great atmosphere.

UV: Do you have a favourite musician?

MC: Oh, definitely Noel Gallagher.

UV: You have a full set list, have you ever made a mistake during a performance and how do you handle it if you do?

MC: Not so much with our current set list but we have one coming up now which is a bit tricky. When you make a mistake, you listen quickly and try to follow the boys.

UV: Do you get nervous before a performance?

MC: Not really. I mean with new sets there is always some nerves but we have been doing this set for a while now. The only thing we get nervous about is making it good for the audience. We want the crowd to have a good time; if they do then it is all worth it.

The Revivals are a nostalgic trip down British guitar music’s memory lane with great energy and a set list that had the whole of the Elehouse on the dance floor. So the next time The Revivals (hopefully!) return to the Elehouse, make sure you’ve grabbed the front seat!

Did you catch The Revivals’ show? Let us know what you thought!

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