Life in Lockdown: How did it end?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

By Panashe Chisasa

After all has been said and done. After all the promises have been broken. So how did it all end? Although I study at the University of Hertfordshire on paper, in reality, I went to school in the dining room. Hopefully, they put that on my graduation certificate.

The marble table where we served curry and duck last Christmas has transformed into a fancy classroom desk and has almost lost its function as a dinner table. Well maybe with the exception of birthdays and what note. Other than that, it’s just a fancy desk. Did I mention that the dining was the classroom and the labs, all in one and the bedroom was the library? Oh yes, this was the interesting part.

In one corner of the room, we have the dining table which is situated far from the tv. But that didn’t break the cycle of temptations to either sneak peek on what the 70′ tv was broadcasting or just switching it on, on the pretext that I was just checking the news headlines. Like I have ever been interested in the news! Well, I am but not to that degree where I religiously follow everything.

Moving on, I mentioned that the library was upstairs in the bedroom. It is at this point that I should mention the fierce competition for the only desk in the library between myself and my brother. Well for him it was an office desk because what to me was a library was to him an office. You would probably have guessed that I won all of these battles. Wrong! I hardly won.

The kitchen was another casualty who was not spared from my lockdown woes. Since I couldn’t go out to play basketball, the kitchen being the most spacious room in this house immediately assumed the role of the gym. Well maybe gym is an exaggeration. Let’s just call it my fitness space where I followed some exercising tutorials on YouTube.

Probably the only survivor is the bathroom and the toilet. Actually, I lied. The bathroom lost its functionality when I held the shower curtain rail wearing a face mask to replicate the experience of travelling on the 7:40 great northern towards Hatfield, something I saw in the article in the Sun newspaper.

Maybe things have really changed after all.

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