Leonardo DiCaprio awarded Best Actor!

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[Sophie Joaman | Contributing Writer]

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting to hear and last night those words were finally spoken…The Oscar Award for Best Actor goes to… Leonardo DiCaprio!


It hasn’t been that long of course, but 22 years and six Oscar nominations in the making and finally Leo’s name was called out at the 88th Academy Awards. Leo was awarded the Oscar for his film The Revenant and received a huge standing ovation and an even greater response from fans around the world. With an amazing back-catalogue of work, it’s surprising to many that Leo hasn’t won before but after his BAFTA win earlier this month, the Oscar dream was in plain sight. And voila, here we are on this Leap Day talking about the biggest entertainment story to come from Hollywood this year and perhaps the biggest story in the history of the Oscars.  


With Leo’s Oscar glory, however, comes the death of the memes and the hilarious reactions from all over the web that surfaced every time Leo lost in previous years. Instead, a new era has descended upon us, an era where “Leo”, “win” and “Oscar” are combined to make waves across social media. Here are just some of the best reactions that have appeared so far.

Celebrities have also shared their support for Leo. The likes of Adele and Oprah sent best wishes and congratulations at the news of the actor’s first Oscars triumph. The reaction that has been most talked about is the one from Kate Winslet, who looked on proud as Leo went up to accept his award. The two best friends often support each other, but the reaction has been immense, with fans still shipping Jack and Rose together, even 20 years after he disappeared into the Icy waters along with the Titanic. Oh, the heart does go on.

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