Latitude Festival 2015: Festival Goer Interviews

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Latitude had 35,000 people in attendance for their 10th birthday celebration, people of all ages from all over came to witness the grand festival. During Latitude, Trident Media spoke to a few people at random to get an insight of people’s university experiences and what advice they would give to those starting in the future. The three parties that were interviewed went to university at different times.

Firstly we spoke to a couple called Chris and Cath, from Suffolk.

Name: Chris                                                             Name: Cath

University: University of Bristol                      University: University of Hull

Course: Maths                                                         Course: Drama

lat goers

They arrived on Thursday afternoon which was basically the pre-festival day. They was a bit older than most of the attendees we saw but they were really enjoying the festival.

As we started talking to them about university, we asked them what advice they’d give to the students that are starting in September. Chris started off by saying, “Join stuff, do lot and lots of things.”

Cath then pleaded:

“Find your friends, you’ll probably find your tribe eventually, so treasure them.”

Despite leaving university quite a few years ago, they share the same thoughts and advice of university students today, so it goes to show nothing changes! We then bumped into Callum from Brighton in the guest camping zone.

Name: Callum

Age: 23

University: University of Brighton

Course: Graphic Design

lat callum

He was a regular at Latitude so has witnessed the changes around the festival, but he feels no different about the experience. The 23 year old came to see the headliners Portishead who were joined by Thom Yorke on the Saturday.

When we started talking about University, Callum said;

 “Just make the most of it, since I left uni, you don’t get the chance to meet many people.”

Callum is right, when he started University in 2010, social media wasn’t really a high form of communication and socialising like it is now, and was more about personal contacts.

Lastly, Trident Media spoke to one of our camping neighbours, Nicole.

Name: Nicole

Age: 22

University: De Montfort University

Course: Journalism

lat lat

She drove from Leicester to enjoy the sensational festival, and just like Callum, she came to see Portishead, as well as alt-J.

She said, “ There is so much stuff to do and you don’t know what to do, that is the beauty of Latitude!”.

On the topic of University, Nicole explained that she went to the university which was closest to her, De Montfort University. She offered some advice for those starting in September,

“Time Management is the key, stop spending time at the bar every weekday, and you’ll probably be alright.” She added, “ I learnt that I had to manage my time effectively to keep on top of work throughout the year.”

Remember the advice these four have given, they all mentioned friendships, time management and making the most of your experience, 3 or 4 years can go very quickly, and most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself but keep a balance.

Did you find the advice helpful? Do you have any advice for the upcoming freshers? Tweet us at @TridentMediaUK

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