Latitude Festival 2015: 5 minutes with Prides

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Scottish Band Prides put on an incredible performance at Latitude. It was such a joyous experience, the crowd loved it all, there was a lot of heart and energy shown from start to finish. They performed hits from their new album ‘The Way Back Up’ such as Out of The Blue, Little Danger and they closed the show with Messiah. 

Before they took to the Lake Stage, Trident Media got the opportunity to interview the band backstage.

Where did it all begin?

Firstly, there are three guys in the band, Stewart Brock who is on the piano and the lead vocalist, Callum Wiseman who is on the guitar, piano and vocals and Lewis Gardiner who is on the drums. Stuart and Lewis have been in bands for a long time, they knew each other throughout university then they got Callum involved with it all about 2 to 3 years ago.

How do you write your music?

They tend to write their music in their studio, which is based in Lewis’s flat. They all sit around a laptop and a small keyboard. “We get just get cosy with cups of hot chocolate”. They all debate when it comes to writing and Callum claims it is all very democratic.

Would you say the music industry is really hard to break?

They don’t know yet, but it is notoriously difficult as there are so many people who want be in bands nowadays.

For the Students at the University of Hertfordshire that study Music/Business, what advice would you give them?

Work on everything and work hard on it!  They said a lot of people in the music industry think it will be easier than it is in reality, the biggest thing to do is to look ahead first then work really hard.

Did you go to University back in the day? If so, which one did you go to?

All three members of Prides went to university and they all went to the same university, UWS (University of West Scotland). They all studied international music, but all of them dropped out somewhere down the line.

Do you have any funny stories from your Freshers year?

Stuart thoroughly enjoyed his first year. One of his Fresher memories was that “I went to a fancy dress party in a lycra Batman costume made for eight year olds”. He said that he had to cut the costume in half which turned into a Batman crop top and he lost the best dressed competition. Lewis doesn’t remember his first year of university and Callum doesn’t have any stories from his freshers year.

What advice would you give to the freshers starting in September?

Stuart said that you should enjoy your first year, “There is nothing like partying in freshers week” and Callum said “F*ck everything”. Stuart also said you should move into halls and don’t commute to receive the full experience.

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Don’t forget to read our lightning round below, of random yet awesome questions, and find out some more inside info about Prides.

Lightning Questions

Tobi: Football or Rugby?

Stuart/Lewis: Rugby!

Callum: Neither

Tobi: Cats or Dogs?

Prides: Dogs

Tobi: Jay-Z or Kanye?

Prides: Kanye!

Tobi: What are your favourite meals?

Stuart: Curry

Callum: Sushi

Lewis: Nandos

Tobi: Winter or Summer?

Prides: Summer

Tobi: BBC or ITV

Prides: BBC

Tobi: What’s your favourite possession?

Callum: My flat

Lewis: My laptop

Stuart: My phone

What would you ask Prides? Let us know @TridentMediaUK and we might be able to get some answers!

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