Last home volleyball match

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager]

On the 18th of November, our very own University of Hertfordshire’s Men’s Volleyball Team went face-to-face with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) league leaders, Roehampton, to show them what they are really capable of.

Hertfordshire Sports Village hosted the final Herts volleyball home match of the semester and our team was determined to win the game, no matter what.

The first set of the game proved tedious to start with for the home team, yet they took control of the situation by re-organising and focusing their game, leading to a tight win for Roehampton of 29 to 27. During the two-minute interval, Roehampton’s Captain, John Church, praised Herts: “Herts has actually been our hardest competition so far.”

Herts struggled due to disorganisation at the beginning of the second set but soon came back to draw 14-14, which led to Roehampton having to ask for time out. Following a rocky start, Herts kept on working hard; leaving no possibility for Roehampton to score.

After a second time out was requested by Roehampton (as Herts led 24-17), the home team confidently put a close to the second set, getting back in the game with one set won by each team.

The third set was definitely the most competitive and the best tactfully played of the whole game as both teams were determined to win the game. Even though the set was close, Roehampton took the third set away, which gave them the upper hand of the game.

A fourth set was required as the score was still tight, Herts still had a chance to get back. Unfortunately, external factors brought our team under a lot of pressure; the team was dealing with the game, a gradually increasing audience, and logistics at the same time.

An audience had slowly formed on the balcony; they witnessed their team lose painfully by 10-3 to Roehampton. Herts Captain, Mateusz Plaza, took control of his team and gave them confidence, which enabled them to return to the pitch united. Herts managed to get back up, but at the final horn, Roehampton won 3-1.

volleyball match 2.JPG

Throughout the whole game, Herts stayed united and performed as team. Kenneth Kok, Mateusz Plaza and Ingemar Dvorsky revealed a glimpse of their talent and we hope to see them grow to their full potential. We expect victories in the future as the team proved themselves as more homogenous and focused now than ever.

Images: Yeep Yeep


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