Joint Philosophy and History retreat at Cumberland Lodge 13-15th February

[Mohammed Afkhami | Contributing Writer]

Tucked away somewhere in Windsor Park, south of Windsor Castle. in the scenic Berkshire landscape is a pressure cooker of thought and crazy times known as Cumberland Lodge.

Attended every year by researchers and students from all disciplines, but with an emphasis on the humanities, students come to talk,debate and discuss with lecturers and researchers at the forefront of their respective fields.

The lodge was originally setup post-World War Two as a means for students to try to apply the information garnered from their degree in the aim to improve society and preserve peace, but now its become a kind of Bilderberg for international researchers seeking to extend human lifespans, police looking to better improve policing, Drug experts looking to lax laws, and Philosophers looking to work with historian to become more pragmatic.

Intense debates with lecturers till five in the morning followed by crazy debates with students across disciplines in the day, much can happen to you intellectually across 48 hours.

The weekend is peppered with seminars and group games likes this year’s WW1 counterfactual simulation followed by dynamic debates on some of the pressing issues of society. Students usually come out the other end as if they’ve just made it through an obstacle course of thought and all report an improvement in their comprehension of their course material.

And occasionally, just occasionally, a few meet the Queen herself at the chapel just down the road!

So if you’re interested in attending this crucible of human thought, with its intense evenings and five star quality food, why not apply to go this February, just follow this link to pay and attend or join the UH Philosophy Society Facebook page

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