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January horoscopes: what’s in the stars for you?

Image: Pixabay

[Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer]

Aries Are you sure you brought everything you need back to uni after the holidays? You may find out otherwise…

Leo That New Year’s resolution you made? Yeah, that won’t last much longer. You were doing so well!

Scorpio You will feel mischievous when you go back to your term time accommodation after Christmas. Beware of any Libras finding out what you get up to…

Libra Prepare for a nasty surprise in your fridge.

Sagittarius Your next night out might get a little messier than usual.

Taurus You will manage to pull on a night out sometime in the near future, but may quickly regret it.

Gemini Twins. They’ll be in your future, somehow.

Cancer The desire to procrastinate may hit you hard very soon. It happens to all of us at some point, it just happens to be your turn.

Aquarius You may find yourself developing a desire to try out some sailing. Don’t be nervous. You’ll all be in the same boat.

Virgo You’re going to want to sing Christmas songs even after you go back to uni. Bugger the system.

Capricorn You are the chosen one.

Pisces You may forget that your timetable changes when you go back to uni in the New Year so you’re going to show up at the wrong classrooms for the first couple of days.


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