It’s finally here… the Vegetarian/Vegan Society

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor]

It’s official, the University of Hertfordshire has a Vegetarian/Vegan Society! We made our wish for such a society in the latest BlueMoon and now it’s been realised by a dedicated group of veggie students.

A Facebook group was started last week and now they’ve been approved as an official UH student society. Events are quickly taking shape with the group visiting Vegfest London together this weekend and a meet-and-greet at EleHouse on Tuesday 13th October at 7pm (join the Facebook group for updates).

A society for people interested in vegetarian, vegan and other alternative eating and cooking. Very open for people who are interested in trying new cuisine and meeting like-minded people. (via

For more information or to join, check out the society’s Facebook group or Herts SU page. Membership is £5 for the academic year.

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