Introduction to Campus Crush!

By Emma Robinson

It’s Cheeky Wednesday, you’re having pres at some random flat on College Lane. Usually, you keep yourself to yourself, but tonight you’re talking to a gorgeous girl, laughing, and actually getting on with her. Suddenly its 12 pm, and Ben has told you to down the rest of your Dark Fruits, cos it’s time to leave.


By the time you’ve got to the bottom of the can, the giggling girl from five minutes ago has disappeared. You didn’t even get her name. You keep an eye out for her all night in the Forum, but it’s as if you dreamed her up, you don’t see her again.

Or worse yet; you get on the same bus as your crush every day, often see him in the gym, and make BLATANTLY awkward eye contact whenever you pass, but never have the courage to ask his name.

How are you ever going to find out Forum Girl or Shuttle Bus crush’s names? With our romantic, star-crossed-lovers style segment, we’re going to give students a chance to send a message to their Campus Crush!

Write to us anonymously, or via the Facebook, describing your crush, yourself, and tell us what you want to say to them. Messages will be posted in that week’s issue, which can be viewed online or in the paper copies, found outside the LRC’s and SU’s! It’s as simple as that.

You never know, you might take a look one week and see that someone’s written about you!

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