Introducing The Assassins’ Guild Society

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing Writer]

The Assassins’ Guild Society is described by Chairman James Austin, as: “An elaborate excuse to shoot someone with a Nerf Gun”. Austin, a second year Astrophysics student, was inspired to chair the society after he heard about it from his friends at universities around the country. “We give each person a contract, with another member of the society on, and then have to hunt them down and kill them using as elaborate means as possible,” he explained.  It should be emphasised that he did put air quotations around the phrase “kill them”.

Points are awarded when one assassin has ‘killed’ another based on how quickly after being given the contract they completed the task and how elaborate the method was, with a maximum of 10 points of speed and another 10 for method. All the ‘kills’ are posted by members on the Facebook page, Hertfordshire University Assassins’ Guild, and then the game points and leaderboard are updated regularly.

The society costs £10 to join and with that you get a Nerf Gun which retails at £10. Once joined you choose your assassin name which can be anything. He listed a few, the most ridiculous one I got told was certainly “Chode Grabber”, it has been made a policy that this is the name by which you will be addressed when talking amongst other members of the society.

The contracts include a photo, their assassin name, and their timetable for the duration of their game. This will help the assassin track down their target and possibly even follow them for a few day, before pouncing to make the vital and carefully planned out ‘kill’.

Once a player is ‘killed’, they are not out of the game, they become part of the in-game police force. This means they are allowed to shoot anyone who is not following the rules of etiquette, such as not keeping their weapon concealed. Points are also awarded to members of the police so the two week game is not over for players as soon as they are ‘killed’. They can continue with the fun and self-admitted ridiculousness that comes with being a member of the Assassins’ Guild Society.

As if watching out for your assassin and the police isn’t enough, there is also a wanted list. If a player is caught ‘killing’ a civilian, for example. a bounty for points is put on their head and anyone can claim that bounty.

“It’s an excuse to be very ridiculous and have a reason,” said Austin. “It’s also a really good excuse to carry a Nerf Gun around with you everywhere and be extremely paranoid.”

It is also an excuse to make everyone else on campus recoil in surprise when you pull out a Nerf Gun and shoot someone, in what to an innocent bystander would be an apparently random occurrence.

Are you part of the Assassin’s Guild Society? Tell us about your kills @TridentMediaUK!

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