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Annabel is a third and final year student studying sport and exercise science; she has been involved in sports since her Year One Games Club in Primary School, and now plays for the 2nd Netball Team. She has been able to answer some questions for us about being an Activator!

UniVerse: What made you interested in becoming an Activator?

Annabel Mabin: I like to take part in most sports and do it with enthusiasm.  Being an activator has allowed me to take that a step further and pass on my passion and excitement to other students, and get them involved in activities. It’s a career I’d like to follow and I think it’s a great experience that I can reflect on and use for the future.

UV: Do you have to have any past experience in teaching sports?

AM: Teaching sport to others started in Secondary School where I would help my peers and the younger year students. Since then I have always been assisting and helping others with the delivery of lessons, clubs and training sessions.

UV: What do you enjoy most?

AM: I like the interaction with the students and coaches who come to the sessions and chatting with the players. I enjoy the fun that comes into sessions run by Active Students and the role I play in that.  I also like it when a new student starts to get the hang of a sport, I get far too happy for them!

UV: Do you get a chance to take part in some of the sessions as a normal student?

AM: I try and take part in all of the sessions I have done, except football, I just can’t get the hang of it, I’m a better spectator! I may not be able to throw a dodgeball or Frisbee very well but I give it a go!

UV: Have you taught any sessions that you have never done before?

AM: I haven’t had to do that yet. I’ve participated in sessions I’ve never done before and so now I think I have the basics covered.

UV: What do you hope to get out of being an activator?

AM: As much as I can! There are lots of components to this role that most people won’t see, being at the session stamping and scanning is the easier part. The role will give me experience in the work that goes on in the background. Being an activator is providing me with work skills and personal development that I wouldn’t of had without it!

UV: What would be your dream sport/activity to put on?

AM: I like inflatables, assort courses and trampolines so I think a combination of all of these into some sort of race or competition/game would be fun.

UV: Does it interfere with your studies?

AM: It’s tough to keep an equal balance between running sessions, keeping up with assignments and lectures and then keeping an eye on those deadline days. It’s about being good with your time and making the most of the time you have to do coursework.

UV: Do you see the same faces at every session? Or new ones?

AM: I see similar faces in most session, there are always regulars but then there is always somebody new who arrives too!

UV: Are the sessions you put on have the same routines and techniques, or do you change them around?

AM: It depends on the session, there is a similar layout and I follow my own routine but it’s good to change what you do, it keeps things interesting and people engaged.

UV: Do you take part in any other activities/volunteering outside of Active Students and your studies?

AM: I play hockey outside of the university for Welwyn Garden City and I run the university’s HUCCS league on Tuesday nights.

What would you like to know about Sports Activators? Let us know and we can find out!

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