Intern China Ltd opens fourth office in Dalian to create more work experience opportunities for stud

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[Laura Slingo | News Editor]

The Manchester based internship organisation, Intern China Ltd, has opened its fourth office in major city Dalian, a seaport in the south of China’s Liaoning Province.

The company’s latest milestone ensures that UK undergraduates will be able to gain a unique experience from a variety of work placements in one of China’s financial hubs.

The opening of this fourth destination will hopefully be a part of a long-term strategic partnership with the China branch of UK higher education organisation INTO University Partnerships.

Intern China Ltd aim to create opportunities for people with ambitions in the Chinese business world, they place over 300 students in quality internships in China annually. In addition, the internship company provide student interns with accommodation and a support network.

Managing Director of Intern China Ltd, Jamie Bettles said: “Dalian fits perfectly with our core values of offering students a destination where they can immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture.

“Working more closely with INTO has been a long-term ambition. I know we will add an extra dimension to their China study programmes and hope that an ongoing partnership will help us to achieve even more significant growth in years to come.”

Intern China Ltd offers a unique opportunity for students to gain work experience, which is key in combatting the competitive graduate job market. This new destination offers students an insight into traditional culture alongside a thriving business environment in some of China’s fastest growing cities.

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