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Important services for International Students at the University of Hertfordshire

By Aishwarya Upadhyay

There is a long list of support provided by the University of Hertfordshire, both for home students and its warmly welcomed international students.

The university and the Student’s Union both provide support ranging from emotional support to academic support, as well as legal advice for all students. The university cares for students in every possible way, so this article is to make you aware of the services and support available to you.

We’ll start this list with the academic support one can access at the university during your course of study:

1. The Advice and Support Centre

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The Students’ Union provides its Advice and Support centre for whatever student life throws at you, and it’s totally free, confidential and impartial. You can access these services by emailing, by calling +44(0)1707285022, or by popping over to the Students’ Union on College Lane.

Its opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, and they provide legal, academic, financial, and health issues services.

2. Financial Support

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The university also provides student funding and financial support: you just need to contact them on, or call +44(0)1707284800. Another great idea is to register your university ID over at, which is an online financial capability tool.

3. International Student Support

[Image credit: Felix_Broennimann on Pixabay]

International students can seek help from the International Student Support team at the University of Hertfordshire, a service especially there for all problems an international student may face. You can contact them via phone at +44(0)1707281299, email them at, or even Facebook them at UH ISS Club.

4. The Campus Pharmacy

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The university also has its own pharmacy and a medical centre in the Hutton Hub on the College Lane campus, with trained nurses and doctors to give you the assistance you need. The university also regularly organizes free HIV testing for all students, as they understand the importance of their students’ sexual health, which you can find out the times and dates of here. In order to access these services, however, you must first register with a GP, but this is very easy and you can do this right here.

5. The Student Wellbeing Centre

[Image credit: University of the Fraser Valley on Flickr]

The university’s Student Wellbeing centre, in the Hutton Hub on the College Lane campus, is there to deal with all emotional issues a student can have, and provide free counselling and workshops.

You can book your same day appointments over the phone from 8:30 AM on +44 1707284452, but as it is based on a first-come, first-serve basis you might have to be quick in booking an appointment. Otherwise, just email the Wellbeing centre your concerns at or just visit their website

You can also receive urgent emotional support by calling 116123 or by talking to a mental wellbeing advisor at 01707286399. Another great, albeit external service for any mental wellbeing issues, is available at

6. Chaplaincy and Spiritual Services

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There is also a chaplaincy service, where you can either turn up for the regular Wednesday talks or the International Café on Tuesdays and have a chat with a chaplain and also with people you meet there, this is organized for you to gain some spiritual guidance and to make new friends.

You can also visit The Key on the College Lane campus for some peace, or contact the chaplaincy on phone +44(0) 1707284000, or email them at

7. Herts Mobile

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The university also has a mobile app, accessible from the Google Play or Apple Store, called Herts Mobile: an app that helps direct you around campus, gives you news about your lectures and events on campus, and more – or, you can always go to the website.

8. Shops & Fashion

[Image credit: anthonyolvera on Pixabay]

The University of Hertfordshire doesn’t just offer health support, but caters to your other needs including fashion! The College Lane campus has a unisex salon, Class Cuts, which welcomes walk-ins. The university also has its Students’ Union Shops on both campuses and provides items for all your daily needs including groceries, UH clothing and merchandise, medicines and stationery.

Never feel lonely and depressed at the University of Hertfordshire: it’s there for you if you need help – just breath, and think that you are living the dream life, and love yourself!

Good wishes, and best of luck!

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