I want to DJ, where do I start?

This is part 1 of a 3 part series

Dean Chapman AKA DC13 | Crush DJ

Many people want to be a DJ at some point in their lifetime. Whether you’re a teenager heading into university and wanting to DJ in front of thousands of people, or a parent looking after a family and wanting to play a few tunes at a small gathering. Either way you will always think DJing is a pretty cool thing to do. So what are the first steps? Well the first thing to understand is what kind of DJing you want to do. There are two main ways to DJ; Vinyls and Electronic turntables.


Whenever you think ‘DJ’, you tend to always have an image of records side by side and someone controlling them. This technique was extremely popular in the 20th century and used frequently by big names such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Public Enemy’s scratch King DJ Warlord, the famous Fatboy Slim and the very well known, DJ Snake. Now vinyls are great if you want to learn how to match songs manually and they are obviously excellent to perform scratch techniques.

However, if you want to be a portable DJ, for instance if you were to become a wedding DJ, then carrying your equipment (including all of the vinyls) is difficult. In the world today, one can now integrate vinyl DJing with modern technology and use laptops to play different songs instead of carrying thousands of records. So this is definitely a good way to go if you want to consider using vinyls to make a crowd go wild.


Electronic Turntables

The other way (and the way that I started to DJ) is to use electronic turntables. These ‘mimic’ the vinyl method by having jog wheels to replace the records. Personally, I would have to say that this is the easier approach, especially if you are a university student, looking to learn quickly, although it does take away the ‘manual’ side of DJing as beat matching is less complex with this method.

Nowadays, almost every single club in the world will have electronic turntables, known as CDJs, so it’s an easier approach to DJing at your local club. By using electronic turntables, you can either plug the controller straight into your computer, or you can simply use USB’s and play songs from there by plugging your stick straight into the decks in the clubs.


CDJ – PixaBay

So by this point, you will have used google to its fullest potential and have acquired a small set of decks to use at home. Part 2 will now go into bedroom DJing and how you can transform yourself into the next Avicii.

Look out for Part 2 next week, and if you have any questions ask Dean at @dc13official

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