Humanities Careers Conference 2014

[Emma Langschied | Contributing Writer]

The Careers Conference 2014 was another success, with students being offered internships and advice from six speakers in the main auditorium. The companies represented included: John Lewis, Tesco and the NHS, which all offer positions that a humanities degree could lead to.

University of Hertfordshire graduate Calum DiLieto was amongst the speakers, representing Executive Grapevine as Vice President, Editor and Head of Content.

Hosting the event was journalism professor Sharon Maxwell-Magnus. She introduced DiLieto as “perhaps one of the youngest magazine editors.”

“I know you’re probably wondering why there’s a fresher on the stage,” began DiLieto as he took the microphone. He then went on to explain all the opportunities he had taken alongside his degree in order to make contacts and break into his career.

Ultimately, DiLieto describes himself as “a yes man,” after the 2010 MTV award winning film Yes Man, with Jim Carrey. “If you say yes to opportunities you’re going to be better off,” said DiLieto. “Sharon sent an email in 2010 with a work experience opportunity. I said yes. Now I run it.”

DiLieto was Head of Music at the university’s radio station, Crush Radio. He even pitched the need to create a new role of Head of Interviews to Sabbatical Officer Thom Palser, who approved of it and hired DiLieto to liaise between student journalists and acts at The Forum Hertfordshire.

“Take the time that you’ve got now whilst you’re in university,” advised DiLieto.

Fame Magazine was thriving during DiLieto’s time at university. Regrettably, in 2012 the founder of Fame Magazine, Deji Osobukola, passed away. DiLieto described Osobukola as “Probably one of the most inspiring people I’ve met. Invaluable.”

DiLieto co-edited the final issue of Fame, dedicated to Osobukola and he believes that it was taking the initiative with Fame that opened career doors for him.

“Now imagine your dreams are inside a castle,” said DiLieto. “This is a serious castle. When the door opens, grab it. Run in. Really, really push and collect as much experience as you can.”

“Make sure that you’re employable by the time you leave,” said DiLieto. “Be a yes man.”

You can find out more from DiLieto on Twitter @CalumDiLieto

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