HRH Prince Philip Opens New Science Building

Aaron Hurst and Aiden Perrins – News Editor & Editor

On Thursday 3rd November HRH Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip came to the University of Hertfordshire to open our brand spanking new Science Building.

Credit: Aiden Perrins

Credit: Aiden Perrins

One of many new developments of College Lane’s infrastructure, the construction of the Science Building, which replaced the old CP Snow building, was completed before the start of this academic year. The building will provide a new home for the School of Pharmacy and the School of Life Sciences.    

Vice-Chancellor Quintin McKellar was available to comment on what was HRH Prince Philip’s fourth visit to the university.

“There has been a long association with the institution [with HRH Prince Philip], and it’s fabulous that he’s come here today to unveil this fabulous building, which we are now utilising for our staff and students.”

Credit: Aiden Perrins

Credit: Aiden Perrins

Professor McKellar was also keen to express his satisfaction towards the building’s facilities, mentioning the simulation suites that are present, as well as the new mannequins that are now available for students to interact with.

“The mannequins are very life-like, and we can even make them speak back to the students as they’re working on them.”

HRH Prince Philip, now 95 years of age, took a tour of the new building before a short speech by Professor McKellar and the unveiling of the plaque.

HRH Prince Philip even quipped about him being “the most experienced plaque unveiler in the world,” as he unveiled the plaque officially opening the new Science Building.

Credit: Aiden Perrins

Credit: Aiden Perrins

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