How to pick the right pick up line

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Pick up lines. They can be the best things or the just the worst. It’s all about picking the right one and doing it with confidence. Here are a few categories to help you pick the right one for ‘the one’.


Lets be honest Joey from Friends knew how to do it right. You know what I’m referring to, yeah that’s right, I’m invoking the classic, “How you doin’?”. Laugh all you want but at least you know it will let everyone know that you are single and ready to mingle.


On a more serious note if you share the same religious belief as someone, this will be a great way to point out this common interest between the two of you while reminding them why they should go out with you. For example, “I put the stud in bible study” is cheesy enough to be cute but also shows that you take your beliefs seriously.


If you ever meet someone on a holiday or you are going on a trip with someone who you would define as a fine specimen of humanity then use the location pick up line! My personal favourite location pick up lines are:

“Are you from Brighton? Cause you brighten up my day!”

And  “Are you from India? Cause I’d Goa with you anywhere!”


This one is dangerous and I recommend you avoid using it on people you’ve just met. It just doesn’t give the right impression and is kind of inviting the other person to slap you. I mean what would your reaction be if someone said, “I want to visit your Netherlands.”

Or this: “Are you legs made of Nutella? Because I would like to spread them.”

Just. No.


This one is something that should be avoided at all costs! This is even more dangerous than the dirty pick up lines. Believe us when we say you will not get a date if you say, “I want to floss with your pubic hair” or “I want to put my thingy in your thingy.”

Song lyrics

This one is very common and depending on the song you choose, you can go from sweet, – ‘I would catch a grenade for you’ to dirty, -“our conversations ain’t long, but you know what is” to downright creepy – “I’ll mix your milk with my coca puff, milky milky cocoa”.

TV shows or movies

This type of pick up line must only be used if you are SURE that the other person watches the same TV show or movie. If not, it will fail and not in an adorable way. Not everyone would get “Is your name Winter because you will be coming soon” or “A cyberman couldn’t delete you from my heart”, but for those who do understand it’s a sure way to our heart.


Food and pick-up lines can be great. They can have a bit of humour, flirt and dirt like “Do you work in Subway because you just gave me a footlong” or “Do you want to tickle my pickle?”


These pick up lines are refreshing because it shows how smart you are and if the object of your affection gets it, you will know that they love their science too. It can be as simple as “you are so hot, you denature my protein” to as flirty as “If I could be an enzyme, I would be a DNA helicase so I can unzip your genes”.


These ones have been here forever and they can be as sickly, as dipping your head in a chocolate fountain Dawn French style (who I am kidding? We all not so secretly want to do that but you get my point). Regardless, any cheesy, rom-com loving human will love these kind of pick up lines. It is a great way to break the ice and show how adorable you are.

I mean who could resist:

“Excuse me, do you have a map because I am getting lost in your eyes”.


“Can I have directions…to your heart?”

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