How To Be Awkward

By Aiden Perrins – Editorial Editor

It’s the morning after yet another night at The Forum, you’ve woken up with a killer hangover only to discover many messages on your phone about what happened last night. But what did happen? Oh yeah, you hooked up with someone you know and now things are gonna get awkward, here’s the how to guide for that situation.

One approach would be to act like it’s the end of the world because let’s face it, it is. You may have only just started university but everyone on campus will now be talking about this moment until you graduate. This isn’t the sort of thing that people let go so they can carry on with their own lives. This ‘incident’ is by far more interesting to them than anything else could possibly be.

Something else you could do is to now avoid contact with them at all costs. Nothing says that you’re not bothered more than completely cutting someone out your life. This is an A+ plan that will make everyone involved feel good about themselves. Because when life tries to give you lemons, hide from life until it goes away.

If you don’t like that idea, the converse of it would be to send the other person 83 texts and leave 17 voicemails. You know, to let them know that you’ve acknowledged what happened and are ready to be breezy about the whole thing. Play it reaalllll cool like.

Another fun idea would be to tell everyone you meet about what happened, if you own up to it then it won’t be awkward right? When I say everyone, I mean everyone, eventually word will get back to whomever you hooked up with and I’m 100% certain they will be extremely flattered by this.

So, if you ever find yourself in this situation I hope you can find solace in this handy guide to navigating through the social etiquette of this tricky subject.

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