How to avoid Fresher’s flu?!

by Aimone- Head of Editorial

What is freshers’ flu I hear you say?! Well the urban dictionary, also known as an essential tool for University students, describes the freshers’ flu as: “When people come together at the start of term bringing with them germs from all over the country. The result is a form of cold or cough or general feeling of illness”…. accurate?! See for yourself!

We have racked our brains to find the perfect guide to be germ free… or at least try. Brace yourself.

  1. Avoid everyone 


See, if you do that, you will never get any germs- and I think that’s a winner! Even though it has the inconvenience of loneliness, seeming anti-social and on some extent you might seem a bit crazy running around from people. But if it’s your thing… Go for it – germ free guaranteed. Efficiency: 10 

  1. Be obsessively clean  


There is no shame in cleaning your room for the sixth time, and why not clean the kitchen whilst you’re at it?! Everyone will love you if you do! (Yes, people will generally love you and also use you until your love for cleaning slowly fades away). But, better to be clean than ill! Only disadvantage: might make you the house cleaner/ slave…. Are you really ready?! Efficiency: 7

  1. Flee the cougher 


We all have that one person in our life, whether we want them there or not, that is chronically ill and has that mild cough stuck at the back of their throat for months. Get rid of them, wave that white hanky.

Only disadvantage to that is during freshers you might have to flee and eliminate a lot of friends, just don’t be too drastic about it. Efficiency: 5

  1. Blow your nose  


Feeling those sniffles creeping in?! Blow your nose correctly! I’m not her to teach you, it’s a prerequisite when you enter preschool though so if you are unsure please google it for everyone’s sake   Efficiency: 7

  1. Multi vitamin won’t work 


You know when your mother forces you to take those multi vitamins before going to school? “Just in case” she would say. No multi vitamin can help you during freshers, not that diluted vitamin C, nor that Zinc and leave the cod liver oil alone. Efficiency: 0

  1. Invest in real medication  


By that I mean of course paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Efficiency: 9

  1. Don’t worry 


It’s all in your head: if you worry too much you’ll have it. But if you have it and don’t worry you won’t notice… Science (or not).  Efficiency: 8

Let’s be real for a split second; there is no way of escaping the freshers’ flu! It’s a rite of passage, everyone gets it, and it’s a fact of life so accept it, embrace those germs and keep up the good work!

All you can do is survive this freshers’ week and then you are golden ☺

I’ll leave you with the wise words of @studentfarmer here:  

Dear Freshers, Do not be fooled, freshers flu is very VERY real. If you get it, you will have it for life. — Dear Freshers (@Dear_Freshers) 26 September 2016

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