Herts Women Hockey 1st team against King’s College 3rd

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The University of Hertfordshire’s Women’s Hockey 1st team continue their winning streak after a landslide 6-0 win against King’s College (GKT) 3rd team, in their first game back after the Christmas break.

The harsh weather conditions didn’t hinder their team spirit, as the girls dominated possession of the ball throughout the match with all of the players given equal game time.

The beginning of the game was scrappy as both teams got into their stride. However, Herts communicated well with each other from the start both on and off of the pitch.

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There was a lot of goal opportunities available for the Herts team due to many awarded short corners. However, all attempts at the beginning were nail biting near misses as the opposition’s defence and goalkeeper put up a good fight.

Vicky Fallen, centre forward, scored a well-deserved first goal twenty minutes into the match; the first of many. The first goal raised the atmosphere on and off of the pitch. After this point, the girls were an unstoppable force and Kings struggled to keep up with them.

Herts applied great pressure as a team in Kings’s goal area, which consequently led to a brilliant goal from Katie Bates, forward, creating a solid 2-0 advantage for the team at half-time.

Shortly into the second half, Katie Burke, forward, overcame the opposition’s defence and scored an impressive goal, increasing Herts’s lead to 3-0.

The team took an unexpected blow when Captain Hannah Bebbington was accidently hit on the head by the ball. The game was temporarily stopped while the medical team escorted her off the pitch. After confirmation that nothing was seriously wrong, Hannah was subbed and the team valiantly continued play.

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A successful penalty taken by Kiera Halloran, centre mid, took the total up to 4-0. At this point, Herts’s confidence was at an all-time high and the opposition were clearly demotivated.

The final two goals scored by Katie Bates, forward and Vicky Fallen, centre forward, created a landslide win for the team just before the final whistle was blown.

After a sportsman-like cheer from both teams, the Herts girls were keen to get indoors, away from the wind and rain, to celebrate their triumphant victory.

Shannon Crawford was named man of the match for her great effort in intercepting the opposition and helping to set up goals.

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I spoke to Captain Hannah Bebbington after she had recovered from her injury. She was in high spirits after the team’s victory and glad to have all of her teeth intact:

“Overall it was a scrappy game with a lot of short corners, but we did well as a team to maintain our winning streak and position at the top of the league

“We went into the game with confidence after our very needed Christmas break as we had played King College (GKT) before so we knew what to expect and how to target their weaknesses.”

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