Herts University graduate creates world’s first comic-book heroine with cerebral palsy

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

Farida Bedwei, a disability advocate, IT expert and software engineer graduated from Herts university with a computer science degree. She has now gone on to create comic-book superhero Karmzah, who has cerebral palsy.

A face2faceafrica.com article by Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson revealed The Karmzah comic series was released earlier this month on 6th October. It was created as part of World Cerebral Palsy Day, which took place on the comics release date.

Karmzah is a superheroine in Ghana who lives with cerebral palsy. This means she has to use walking aids which give her extra superpowers to run and fly. She is known to protect the vulnerable and defend the evil in her society.

The narrative change means she only loses her powers if she is without her walking aids.

The comic was created to help challenge and change some of the myths associated with cerebral palsy. This included the myth, described in the face2faceafrica.com article that these people are “weak and unsuccessful”.

The article adds that this is especially important as cerebral palsy affects almost 17 million people and remains one of the biggest causes of disability in childhood.

Bedwei knows the problems and challenges that come with it as she has lived with the condition since she was ten years old.

Laws passed in Ghana in 2006, Karmzah and Bedwei’s hometown has still got to be implemented properly in Africa.

Bedwei hopes Karmzah will inspire these laws and those it effects. Farida Bedwei comments that if children with the condition see the heroine, “the child will grow up feeling proud of himself or herself regardless of the walking aid or wheelchair he or she uses”.

You can see and read all about Karmzah adventures when the comic is released at the end of October on Google play store’s Afro comic app.

Like the Face2faceafrica.com article says, “there’s a new badass heroine in town” and her name is Karmzah!

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