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Trident Media asked University of Hertfordshire students to share some stories about their little best friends to celebrate Pet Day. Their pictures and stories left us giggling and feeling warm inside, so we’ve put them together in an article for you all to enjoy!



Image: Diego | Bryony Wharfe

When we took Diego to the vets we asked to get his claws cut back. Once he got home we were laying on my bed and he jumped up to come join us, but because he had nothing to grip with he just jumped at the bed then stared at us in horror as he slid off the duvet. He did this for about a week, jumping on things and falling off, it was like watching the Mufasa death scene in Lion King over and over haha. – Bryony Wharfe



Image: Skyla | Shelby Loasby

Skyla is half Alsatian, half rebel. She likes to live the life of luxury and loves to kick humans off her sofa. Skyla is a badass and a babe. I love Skyla. – Shelby Loasby



Image: Charlie | Huriyah Quadri

Charlie is a sassy little (big) British Shorthair. He hates wet food but eats it out of spite when we put it out for the stray cat. He frequently fools us all into giving him a treat by pretending he hasn’t had one and following us around meowing until we succumb to the pressure. He’s also friends with a mouse (we named him Chaplin.) – Huriyah Quadri



Image: Dodge | Sarah Bennett

Dodge was a Yorkshire terrier. Sadly Dodge isn’t with us anymore but he enjoyed randomly peeing up my friend’s mum’s leg at the school gates. Was definitely funny and awkward. – Sarah Bennett



Image: Phoebe | Hannah Wileman

Phoebe is a cat. She goes insane for foil, hair bobbles and squirrels! Add mice, birds, rabbits to that list too… – Hannah Wileman

Lady Gwendoline Butchington 1st

is Lady Gwendoline Butchington 1st

Image: Lady Gwendoline Butchington 1st | Daisy Butcher

Lady Gwendoline Butchington 1st is a one-year-old Horsefield tortoise who enjoys baths in the sink. She likes nibbling printer cables and also tried to eat my Easter egg packaging. Despite this she is actually very fussy with food and won’t eat fruit. She loves lettuce and sunshine and crawling up into people’s necks like some creepy little spiky-footed vampire. – Daisy Butcher



Image: Harvey | Alexandra Jungeling

Harvey is my cockapoo puppy, half cocker spaniel and half poodle. He is only little and treated like a little baby, and is probably very spoilt, and I love him to bits. He likes to sit down exactly where he knows you were just sat or lying, and loves pigeons. – Alexandra Jungeling

Bonnie and Clyde


Image: Bonnie and Clyde | Hannah Myers

Meet Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde is the cat that leaves the garden, Bonnie hasn’t worked out how to do that yet. One day, they were both out in the garden, and these two other cats were trying to get into our garden. My cats are very protective (and derpy af) so they had a proper Mexican standoff with these two cats – they were bum to bum/tail to tail, following these two cats around the fence. My boyfriend had a look outside the patio door, and the cats that weren’t mine scampered. Bonnie and Clyde watched them go like “Hah! Bitches! We have back up!” – Hannah Myers



Image: Akila | Lashara Van Heerden

I have two beautiful Bengal cats that I used to keep indoors until my (ex) housemates accidentally ‘lost’ one for a week while I was on holiday. They left the window open after smoking a joint and one of my cats, Akila, adventured off into the great unknown. Luckily she came back! I learnt to trust my cats more after that – can’t say the same for the housemates. My cats now enjoy the great outdoors, but mostly sleep in their cat tree anyway. – Lashara Van Heerden



Image: Biscuit | Nariece Sanderson

Biscuit’s favourite pastime is sleeping on important documents and laptop cases. She’s a scaredy cat that often sprints across our hallway, and unable to stop, crashes into walls. My Austrian friend asks why Bisc “yells” (meows) at night. I don’t know. – Nariece Sanderson

Don’t forget to share your very own pet stories with us on Twitter @TridentMediaUK. We’d love to see a snap of your pal and hear about all the hilarious things they get up to!

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