Herts Students Power Through at Bootcamp!

[Imogen Wallis | Contributing Writer]

With Christmas only two months away, for many this is an opportunity to get fit and make sure we look our best for the upcoming party season.  Thanks to the Active Students scheme, students can get active together, make new friends, and improve their overall fitness with a variety of sessions to choose from.

One of these great options is the Indoor Bootcamp, but don’t worry it isn’t as terrifying as you may think! With the help of strength and conditioning instructor Charlie, every Friday at 1pm in the Sports Village, he’ll get you through a great workout session to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Following a circuit training regime you will find yourself performing high intensity workouts including burpees, star jumps and knee tucks. Not forgetting to work your core as well; Charlie will push you to raise your hips and legs high during the exercises, making sure to end with the famous plank position.Despite feeling exhausted by the end many of the students have a great time during these sessions.

“It’s a tough workout but you feel great after working your entire body,” said Engineering student James Smith. “I especially like the fact it is equipment free so I can try all the exercises at home too.”

Still prefer the idea of running on a treadmill? Unlike steady state cardio, high intensity training is connected to a far better after-burn known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), meaning you’ll continue to burn more calories even after the session has ended.

So if you fancy next week’s session involving hand weights and death runs, don’t forget to attend next Friday and burn some calories for the weekend. Alternatively you can take a look at activestudents.co.uk for other free sessions throughout the week.

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