Herts students featured on UNILAD

Shelby Loasby | VP Communications & Media

Do you remember Badger Way? If not, you can read the article about Herts own rising Youtube Stars here. If you’re lazy and didn’t click on that link let me remind you.

Badger Way are a YouTubing duo making some of the most random, catchy videos out there. They make comedic music videos about anything from Tomatoes and Pizza, to parodies about ‘It’s just a Prank Bro,’ and Netflix.

Since we last caught up with the boys, they have released a whole new arsenal of material – and it still makes us sit there and think ‘What the F***’ did I just watch, but in the best way possible. They have also just completed the Red Bull Can You Make It? Series. They are infectious.

So why are we talking about Badger Way again? Well for those of you who live under a rock, Brexit has just happened, and the Badger Way boys thought it was the perfect thing to make a video about. Take a pinch of Boris, a serving of N.W.A, a sprinkle of Badger Way genius and there you have it. A recipe for making viral videos!


The video has basically gone viral now, with popular social media site UNILAD picking it up and sharing it on their page. And this isn’t the first time the boys have been featured. Last year their song ‘Netflix and Chill’ also made it into one of Doug the Pug’s awesome videos.

So there you have it. Herts has got talent! Well done boys!

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