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Herts Entrepreneurs: You’ve been hired !!

[Rachel Odametey | Contributing Writer]

Ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur, or gaining skills that would be useful in the workplace? Well this may be the week for you. As we gear towards the start of the Global Entrepreneurial Week on which kicks off on 24th November.

I met up with Joash Johnson, President of the Herts Entrepreneurs Society to have a chat about the society and the events he has coming up.

UniVerse: Why did you want to join the society and what is it about?

Joash Johnson: The Herts entrepreneurship society is looking to promote entrepreneurship within the university, and we also look to increase the amount of students who are looking to develop entrepreneurship as a skill.

I worked for General Electric for a year and during that time I learnt that having entrepreneurship as a skill was something businesses were looking for.

Also when I came into the university for an interview to become the president of the Society that was a key selling point I made to them.

We wanted to encourage students that entrepreneurship is not just about students who want to start their own business but also if you want to go into the workplace.

UV: Do you currently run any business or are think of doing so?

JJ: I currently run my own web design marketing company, I’m also in the process of starting another business, which is a travelling company. I  do a lot of different activities, I’m on the board of charities, and we deal with pre-natal depression for young couples and families.

UV: Do you have any upcoming events? JJ: The next event is during Global Entrepreneurship Week .We are planning two events for that week. The first will be called Personal Branding which takes place on Tuesday 25th November. So we will be training students on developing their personal brand, so when they go into the working environment they have a personal image that they can talk about. We also have another event called How To Kick-Start on Wednesday 26th November, mainly about crowd funding, this will involve crowd sourcing your own business and finding out what the benefits are.

For our members we’re hoping to do an Apprentice Challenge which is open for all students. They will run their own businesses for two months; they get to pitch their business to industry experts, and will also be able to keep all their earnings. They’ll have to produce a business plan, which will be judged along with your creativity of your idea, and at the end the winner will win a prize.

UV: Are you looking for any members to join your committee?

JJ: We are currently looking for graphic designers and someone to look after the external communications, which involves contacting external businesses to sponsor the society.

If you are interested in not only becoming an entrepeneur and creating your own business,but also want to gain skills that will be useful within your university life or work environment ;then make sure you take part in Global Entrepeneurs week as there is so much to offer. From a dragons-den style presentation to building your own business and creating your own profit . That sounds good to me.

Upcoming Events Personal Branding

Tues 25th Nov 19:30

Lindop Building Foyer, College Lane

Learn the tips and techniques on how you can market  yourselves and brand your career. Featuring an exclusive talk by General Electric’s Rachel Cooper, Q&A and networking session plus free refreshments.

How to Kickstart

Wed 26th Nov 19:00

Lindop Building Foyer, College Lane

Learn what crowdfunding is all about and hear from Phil Stevens, the CEO of WAYV who will present his experience and techniques on how you could kick start and fund your project plus a chance to take part in a Q&A and networking session. Refreshments will be served.

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