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Hertfordshire students travel the world for Jailbreak 2015

[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor]

Hertfordshire Raise and Give’s annual Jailbreak has come to an end and what an impressive Jailbreak it was! Jailbreak is an annual competition that gives students the opportunity to get as far away from the University as possible in 36 hours for charity. Students in the past have reached Milan, Italy but this year, they smashed that record and made us one of the most successful Jailbreak groups in the country.

The 12 teams set off from the Hertfordshire Students’ Union Office at 10am on Friday 6th February and by 10pm on Saturday 7th February, teams had made it as far as Morocco, Czech Republic, Denmark, Scotland, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and even Chesterfield in the UK.

The teams were raising money for Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, Haven House Children’s Hospice & YoungMinds, all of which are Raise and Give’s chosen charities for the academic year. They raised money through either sponsorship or fundraising while on their epic journeys.

Alex Lowry, one of the tracking team said: “All of us were blown away that one team go to Germany by 5pm, just seven hours in!”

What came next was even more amazing. The Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies, who subsequently won the event, messaged the control team that they had secured flights to Rome and Casablanca blowing away the competition. The team managed to get 1,315 miles away from the Students’ Union in just 36 hours, beating not only all of the other teams but also beating the teams of many other universities who also have annual Jailbreak events.

@teensunite our final destination is Amsterdam via Paris and Brussels, we didn’t win but we saved every penny we raised for you!! @HertsRAG — Team Unite (@RAGTeamUnite) February 7, 2015

The control team were able to track the teams’ progress through both a SMS tracking system and via the hashtag #UHJailbreak which can be viewed to see the progress of many teams.  

Really proud of everyone that took part in #UHJailbreak! Thanks to all the teams, staff and the support crew! — Jack Amos – VP (@HertsSUJack) February 7, 2015

As mentioned before, the winners of Jailbreak were The Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies who managed to reach Casablanca in Morocco, best of all they spent none of their own money!

The event couldn’t have took place without support from a huge army of people. From the team who organised the event at the Students’ Union and the volunteers who stayed in the Students’ Union office for over 36 hours to make sure all the teams travelled safely and had a place to contact if they needed help or support. Luckily there were no issues other than tiredness across all involved!

Being an ultimate tourist #Morocco #camel #Casablanca — georgia ginny hastie (@GeorgiaGinny) February 8, 2015

For more information about the Jailbreak visit or where you can see pictures from the teams’ travels!

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