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[Amy Parry | Contributing Writer]

Five months ago my boyfriend told me the most amazing news; he had been offered a six month placement in the Czech Republic to work for the third biggest information technology company in the world. I was lost for words, I felt like the proudest girlfriend in the world but there was a part of me that felt broken. He wanted me to come with him for the summer but I was unsure on what to do. Part of me wanted to play it safe and stay at home and work full time, and another part of me wanted to go to experience something different.


The job search

I decided to search for a job. I searched for bar work, waitress jobs and voluntary work – anything I could possibly find. I eventually came across a job as a Voluntary Summer Camp assistant based in Prague; the job consisted of assisting and teaching young children English for three weeks at a summer camp. I thought to myself, well, I am doing an English language and communications degree so I guess this will open a few doors to help me decide on my future career path.

I applied and made it through two stages of Skype interviews. In the back of my mind I knew this job wasn’t for me, I wanted something more long term like an internship. I wanted to go to the Czech Republic and have an unforgettable experience that would have an impact on my future.

I put the summer camp job on hold and contacted the company that offered my boyfriend his six month placement to see if they had any internships in Human Resources or Public Relations. Some weeks later they offered me an 11 week internship in Human Resources – I was speechless and beyond thrilled!

Can’t wait to experience 3 months of living and working in a different country then coming back to finish my degree. #excited #6days ✈👫📚🎓 — Amy Parry (@AmyLianneParryx) June 23, 2015

The internship

One month ago I was waitressing at a golf club in Essex, now I’m in the Czech Republic working for a major technology company. Even today I still wonder how it all happened. I am currently a HR Trainee in the training and development department, working on various projects alongside PR and experiencing work from many other areas of Human Resources.

Not only am I a HR trainee I am also running individual and group English classes to help employees improve their English. This is an area of work that I have never experienced before, not only am I learning about the company and this particular type of work, I am also learning about myself and my capabilities.


Over the past few weeks I have met a variety of different people all with diverse achievements and goals. Speaking to them has given me a very different outlook on what I want for my future.

Exploring the city

I have also learnt a lot about the country and its culture. Whilst working abroad, it’s always important to immerse yourself into the sites, attractions and culture of the country you’re in.


I have visited places such as Prague, the capital and the largest city in Czech Republic. It’s a city full of cheap beer, magnificent tourist attractions and lots of history. The city is filled with energetic young people and unique entertainment; students pushing through crowds on Segway’s, dozens of EBike tours and eager adolescents belting tunes, live statues, street artists and buskers.

We explored the city and captivated the art of Prague’s architecture, a city well-known for its famous cultural attractions. I have explored attractions such as the Old-Town Hall Tower and the Astronomical Clock, one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague where we experienced terrific views over the Old-Town square.


Not forgetting the Jewish Quarters, a small area of Prague that contains the remains of Prague’s former Jewish ghetto, where we discovered the old Jewish Cemetery, various synagogues and the Jewish Museum.

We took a stroll over Charles Bridge, a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava River. In the late evening we staggered the cobble streets to the city’s craziest bars and clubs.


Work abroad!

I have had the most amazing experience so far and I have many more to come, this is just the beginning of my adventure and I highly recommend this pathway to anyone and everyone!

Watch this space for more updates about Amy’s experience, and if you have any questions or want to find out more about internship opportunities, tweet us at @TridentMediaUK!

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