Hertfordshire and Beyond: Work Experience at Hertfordshire Students’ Union

[Harley Gallagher | Guest Writer]

This week I am on work experience at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield to gain experience and knowledge in many different fields of university life including marketing, Trident Media and a day in the on campus bar the EleHouse. I arrived at the University nervous but curious to learn more about the way it was run and the kind of things I will have to do in a few years when I have to choose a university. The University of Hertfordshire has a large campus with many things for the students to do including the very popular club The Forum and a cosy pub the EleHouse.


On Monday I met some of the marketing team that I would be working with for the first two days. I saw around the vast campus and we went and saw the new halls being built; the library was huge with as many books as you would ever need to study from. The University is currently planning for its big event Fresher’s week where in September they welcome all new first year students and welcome back the second and third years. There are a vast array of events that are being planned from a Colour Run to movie night and many, many more. Fresher’s week is a chance for the new students to the University to start to meet new people, make new friends and bond with each other.

After the tour I started on my project that I had been assigned for the week. The project was to create a webpage all about Trident Media on the University’s website. After about an hour on the project they gave me a new task. This was to tag all the photos to make it easier for them to find them in the future. Although this was time consuming I got a lot of laughs at seeing all of the photos of the events like the Colour Run and Summer Ball where acts such as Example and Ed Sheeren performed. Later that day I went for lunch with all the other new people at the university who had just started working here.

Thank you to the Students’ Union

I have felt very honoured in the way the Students’ Union have made me feel so welcome and a part of their group. It has been very refreshing to always be doing a job or researching it has made my knowledge of marketing and journalism a lot more vast than it was before I got here. All of the staff at the Students’ Union have been so helpful in all the advice they have given me. Whenever I have asked questions or for advice they always supply the information I need.

On Wednesday I worked in the media department learning all about the different publications Trident Media supply from their University newspaper UniVerse and their magazine BlueMoon which brings information which is helpful to the university students. So far in two days I have only got lost twice however a very helpful young lady spun me round and pointed me in the right direction!

During my week here the University has been rather quiet, this is due to the fact that most of the University courses ended in May, however to say it is deserted is an overstatement as many times I have stood in ridiculously long lines at Starbucks to get my coffee and panini at lunch. After two days of long lines and rain I decided to go to back to the EleHouse for lunch and was surprised by the standard of the food – it was extremely nice just what you would expect from good pub grub. I hope the rest of my week is as good as the start after my week here. I definitely hope to come back one day, perhaps as a student?


Image Credit: Harley Gallagher

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