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A few weeks ago Amy Parry shared her experience of becoming an intern in the Czech Republic, what it was like to work there and how she had overcome personal fears in order to teach her colleagues English. Then Amy let us in on what it was like to live in another country and how she’s been getting on. Today Amy tells us about her visit to Cesky Krumlov.

This weekend we rented a car and drove down south to a city called Cesky Krumlov. This is a city that all people of the Czech Republic adore and is known as a ‘’little pocket Prague’’. The journey took three and a half hours; we drove through small villages, across hills and through the countryside. The views were magnificent and so picturesque, ones that you could never imagine. It was enjoyable to see more of what the country has to offer and what it was like outside of the city.


We had previously booked a small pension called Cert a Kaca situated right in the centre of Cesky Krumlov, when I looked at the reviews people who had recently stayed there said how amazing it was, however when I looked at the pictures it looked quite old and run down and this is something I dread. I love mostly modern and trendy hotels so I was quite concerned as to what sort of place we were going to stay in. When we arrived we walked over the bridge into the heart of Cesky Krumlov and it was magical – just like a fairy tale. We strolled down the cobbled streets until we found the pension, we walked inside and it was a small shop filled with handmade jewellery, ornaments and toys. We walked up some old wooden stairs to reception and as you placed your heel on each step they creaked, at this moment I dreaded to see what our room looked like.  All I could imagine was a room that had been untouched for hundreds of years with broken floor boards, old furniture, cobwebs and dust. As you can guess I am a very dramatic person and I do like to over exaggerate just a tad! But that is genuinely what I thought it was going to be like.


We received the keys to our room and walked up some more wooden stairs that didn’t creak as much but still did a little and let me tell you those stairs were not good if you had one too many beverages. We found our room and walked in and it was the cutest room I had ever seen, it was like a room you would find in a dollhouse. It had beautiful dark wooden floors (that didn’t creak), old traditional cupboards, a small table and chairs in the corner with a red and white check table cloth. It also had an old fashioned radio on it and matching cushions, it was just so sweet.


Throughout the weekend we visited many tourist attractions such as Cesky Krumlov castle which takes up a large part of the city. One part of the castle was the castle tower which we walked up and once we reached the top we were able to see over the whole city. There is a river that flows through and around the city which is something Cesky Krumlov is well-known for, this was an aspect of the city that we could see from the top of the tower and the view was truly incredible. As we walked down the tower we reached a floor where a huge bell is situated, on another floor you were able to look down into a dungeon and in the dungeon there was a skull and some other bones and if you ask me I think they were actually someone’s bones.



After the castle tower we went to the castle museum where there were eleven different rooms all completed with various interesting things such as historical paintings, castle furniture, armour, machines and royal antiques. Once we came out of the castle grounds we saw crowds of people around some high metal bars and we wondered what everyone was looking at so we went over and looked down and there was a huge golden brown bear which of course reminded me of Goldilocks and the three bears. I told you Cesky Krumlov was like a fairytale!


We also went to the museum of torture located in the old town square; it was all underground which added to theme of torture. As you walked through the dark caves there were many glass cases lined with dark red material in them were chastity belts, hand cuffs, whips and clamps – I felt like I was in Christian Greys red room. However I don’t think they were that experimental in them days but who knows? There were knives and axes for cutting fingers and toes, pliers for pulling out tongues and finger nails and even chairs covered in spikes. I’m not too sure if Christian Grey used them so maybe they were too experimental?


Other than visiting castles and museums we explored the city, went to various bars and restaurants and soaked up the enchanting atmosphere. This is one place I would love to visit again and I highly recommend that if anyone gets the chance to travel to the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov should be right at the top of your list of places to visit.

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