Heart-warming Films for the Cold Weather

By Mia Batrisyia

The Beast from the East gets us excited for the snow… for the first few hours, because then we realise just how dreadful being snowed in really is. So, here are some heart-warming films to help you forget about the freezing temperatures for a bit. I personally enjoyed these movies myself, so there won’t be any spoilers because I highly recommend you give them a watch yourself.

1. Big Fish (2003)

When we think of fictional films compared real life, it makes us realise that everything we see in the movies is merely for entertainment reasons. When humans are susceptible to gossip and rumours, would you believe a wacky story about your parents’ life adventures?

[Image credit: Movieclips on YouTube] William with his father, Edward in his arms.

If you enjoy Tim Burton’s Gothic, thrilling fantasy films give Big Fish a go. It tells a story of a strained father-son relationship because William, the protagonist, is getting tired of Edward, his father, and the exaggerated stories of his life. Edward is always talking about a big fish he caught using his wedding ring as bait, of the crazy characters that he befriended at the circus and his misadventures during the war.

Even on Edward’s deathbed, William refuses to believe that his dad is telling the truth, so that is when he puts his journalistic profession to the test by investigating the history of his father’s fantastical anecdotes and begins to understand his penchant for storytelling.

2. Click (2006)

In the digital age, we often see relationships strained because of social media and torn apart because of this digital divide. Most of us don’t realise this, but each generation gets more and more career-obsessed: jobs are treated like family and family is treated like business, and it’s now the norm to make an appointment to meet your parents, or call them because you just can’t find the time to do it due to work commitments.

[Image credit: Movieclips on YouTube] Michael expressing annoyance to his dad who is trying to cheer him up with an old magic trick.

Click is an inspirational movie showing the reality of our ongoing war with time. Michael Newman, played by Adam Sandler, receives a time-controlling remote in his possession which he immediately exploits. He uses the remote to skip through boring parts of his life including his wife’s nagging and ends up seeing what he wanted to see: a favourable future where he eventually becomes the CEO of the architecture firm he works at.

In the future, Michael is wealthy, but his family falls apart and the protagonist suffers from severe obesity and health issues. He is divorced and his kids treat him exactly the way he treated his own father, who has now passed. His son, Ben, who is now the partner of his architecture firm followed in the footsteps of his father and becomes an overworking, career-obsessed architect who ignores his new bride too.

He desperately tries to mend things but soon realises the remote won’t reverse everything he had done.

3. A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)

We all go through a difficult time in our life, some of us worth than others. As social animals, humans need support from each other, a hand to hold, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on; other times, this support comes from another class of animals: our pets. A Street Cat Named Bob tells the story of how a cat changed a man’s life.

[Image credit: Movieclips on YouTube] Luke Treadaway as James Bowen and Bob the Cat

Based on a life-affirming true story, James Bowen is a recovering drug addict who forms an unlikely friendship with a ginger cat that completely turned his life around. With a lot of things on his plate, James diligently tries to release Bob, the cat, but he refuses to leave. Now that James has to care for Bob too, he has to go to busy streets to busk and earn more.

One day, Bob followed James into the bus and James had no choice but to bring him along. James soon realises that Bob is an intelligent cat that not only increases his charms on the street, but also his donations. They eventually help each other off the street and, since then, James and Bob became inseparable and the most popular duo in London.

The duo became actual celebrities after James published a book entitled A Street Cat Named Bob in 2012. That’s when Canadian film director, Roger Spottiswoode, found them both and decided to make a film about their life.

The pair are currently ambassadors of The Big Issue Foundation, a charity for the homeless as well as the Blue Cross animal welfare charity.

These movies manage to gracefully capture good moral values, sincerity and gratitude. At times of crisis and cold weather, that’s all we need right now. What kind of movies help improve your mood when you’re feeling low? Tweet them to us @TridentMediaUK!

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