Hatfield’s hidden graffiti gems

[Kat Clements | Contributing Writer] 

Hatfield has many great features. A thriving street art scene has never been one of them. But there are many hidden gems around the area- here are some of our favourites.

demon businessman

The Demon Businessman

Galleria underpass. Evil of corporate unity? Perils of capitalism? Who knows?

mario mushrooms

Mario Mushrooms

College Lane road sign. Drugs? Probably.



Galleria underpass. Pop-Art portrait.

Word Art

Word Art

Asda underpass. Pretty sure this says “Balls to la vie en rose”. (What does it mean? Who knows?)

Bull Headed

Bull Headed

Asda underpass. Or it could be a donkey. Your call.

Literacy Bandits

Literacy Bandits

Asda underpass. “We’re watching you… so read books.” At least this vandalism is concerned with your education.

Surprisingly profound

Surprisingly Profound

Galleria underpass. “Power corrupts even the best intentions – look at the Catholics”. Sounds like someone’s dissertation got the better of them.

Have you spotted any weird or wonderful graffiti around Hatfield? Send us a picture on Twitter @TridentMediaUK!

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