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Baby Godzilla @ The Forum Hertfordshire Dec. 5 with Zoax and The Hooligan Collective

The Forum Hertfordshire hosted an explosive event on December 5th with up and comers Baby Godzilla. The four-piece hardcore metal band from Nottingham, who describe their music as ‘general extreme noise,’ were joined by Zoax and Hooligan Collective on their current tour around the UK.

Picked out by Kerrang! As one of the ‘20 Hottest Bands in the World’, Baby Godzilla have made a series of appearances and support shows over the past year and have yet to disappoint. Their presence at The Forum was an outstanding performance of chaos, energy and musical talent.

The evening started off relatively tame, which is a lot to be said for how crazy Hooligan Collective were. The band, all students at the University of Hertfordshire, was performing a one-off support for Baby Godzilla and definitely did the genre justice. With a hardcore music style they sang about Pizza and Beer and appealed to an audience of students. Not only did they rock out a bit too hard, breaking the bass guitar strap, they dramatically finished the set with three members collapsed on the floor and the guitars left ringing.

Hooligan Collective - © JonYKT

Hooligan Collective – © JonYKT

Zoax then took to the stage – well they spent more time on the floor than the actual stage. Main man, Adam Carroll, spent the duration of the performance intimidating and terrorising the audience, in the best way imaginable. He stole hats, wrapped a man up in the mic lead and even joined the staff behind the bar. Zoax took the invigorating metal show to a new level.

Zoax  - © JonYKT

Zoax – © JonYKT

The night escalated with the arrival of headlining act Baby Godzilla which saw the likes of Paul Shelley, Matt Reynolds, Jonny Hall and Tom March. Whilst they may not appeal to everybody’s taste in music, the entertainment factor was through the roof.

The band first established ground rules with the crowd, which were to basically go absolutely mental. If you were not joining in the small yet powerful mosh pit, or headbanging with the band, you were standing mesmerised by the sheer energy and adrenaline in the room. Baby Godzilla made the most of the newly refurbished Attic at The Forum. You name it, they climbed it; a guitar amp, which was then destroyed; the drumkit; a random ladder that mysteriously appeared; tables; and even the bar. You could not escape, no matter where you looked, Baby Godzilla was there rocking out and running around.

Baby Godzilla - © JonYKT

Baby Godzilla – © JonYKT

If you’re after an unforgettable night of sheer madness, crazy rock music and exhilarating performances make sure Baby Godzilla are on your agenda. They are one of the best live bands out there at the moment and cannot be missed.

Did you go to this event? Have you seen Baby Godzilla before? Tell us what you thought and send us your pictures @TridentMediaUK

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