Hatfield gears up for the annual Pancake Day contest

By Danielle Smith.

Residents, visitors and businesses are in for a flipping good time at the Pancake Day contest.

The annual Pancake Day contest is back for children, adults and teenagers alike with a Pancake race and a flipathon competition. The day with take place underneath The Arcade on Tuesday, March 5 from 12pm-12: 30 pm.

For the race, each participant will be placed into a pair and the winner will be the individual who completes the race in the quickest time. For safety reasons, to keep the race as fun as possible it is advised for all participants to wear flat shoes, to avoid any injuries.

The flipathon contest will be judged by how many pancake flip an individual can do in the space on one minute. All activities will be free to take part in this year, with pancakes and frying pans being provided.

Councilor Bernard Sarson, Welwyn Hatfield Council executive member for partnerships, said: “You’d batter believe the annual pancake race is back in Hatfield town centre, and we’re hoping to see even more businesses and visitor’s taking part this year.”

“There are prizes on offer for the winners, and it’s a great chance for businesses to get to know each other over their lunch breaks and for visitors to take a look around the town centre.”

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