Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!

[Eleanor Pilcher | Contributing Writer] With the theme of love and Valentine’s in the air I feel that there is a need for an anti-Valentine’s Day article to create balance – as balance, after all, is a necessary component for a working relationship.

If you are a student and you are single, newly or for-as-long-you-can-remember, don’t be disheartened when Valentine’s Day comes around, just because you do not have a ‘significant other’ does not mean you are unloved!

There’s plenty of love to go around: there’s familial love, friendship and I shall even count pet love! If you have a dog or a cat or a guinea pig and they give you the slightest bit of affection today: Happy Valentine’s Day!

However, a cat meowing happily when you feed it, is not the same as getting a dozen red roses and a cheesy love-letter, I grant you.

How do we solve this problem? You have two options:

Get in a relationship – Easier said than done! Look at all the great love stories: Romeo & Juliet (because that ended so well!), When Harry Met Sally (It took over two decades!) and even Twilight (He left her, she nearly died…well she always nearly died…and eventually it took a vampirical pregnancy to get them properly hitched!) It is not easy!

So option number 2 –

Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party: You get to have all the fun without all the stress, cheesy falseness of a commercial holiday and free-reign over what you do!

To throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party all you require are a few friends – it would backfire awfully if no one showed up but you – and a lot of cake, loud music – no romantic anthems allowed – maybe a few horror flicks if the gathering is only small.

Make a do of it and create funny invitations to put a smile on your newly single friend or your long-time single housemate! Find a curse online and enact it on your ex…or perhaps get/create a piñata. The feeling you get after destroying a piñata with your ex’s face on it is wonderful – anger management and entertainment wrapped in one.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day don’t sit in your room with a box of tissues watching Friend’s With Benefits wondering if that is the way to start a relationship…it’s not.

Do something fun that interests you or makes you happy! Love yourself rather than thinking about loving someone else for a change! Don’t weep to the sound of Bryan Adams ‘Everything I Do I Do For You’ go and have some fun rocking out at the Forum or making cupcakes or playing a video game with your closest mates!

Make the 14th of February a day of relaxation and happiness and all about you celebrating and loving you! Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!


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