Halloween! 2014 at The Forum Hertfordshire

[Jade Owen | Contributing Writer]

“Halloween! 2014” featuring Duke was a hit this year at the Forum. The event, which sold out days in advance, was filled with people dressed to impress – and who could blame them with the best costume winning a whopping £1000 cash prize!

The main act of the night, beatboxing group Duke, had the crowd in a frenzy, covering hits including ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke and Scrubs, as well as popular house and garage. Duke pulled out all the stops and showcased some impressive vocal skills, ending their set with Bon Jovi’s hit ‘Living on a Prayer’.

Following Duke, the stage was taken over by none other than a dancing T-Rex being led around by a man on stilts, who drew a fair amount of attention to themselves.  While both acts were exceptional, one of the reasons for such a big turnout was of course the £1000 prize for best costume. The competition was pretty fierce, although the men definitely seemed to be stealing the show. Some of the more notable costumes were three bananas, the Teletubby gang, the Chuckle Brothers, Marty McFly from Back to the Future, and a doctor with his head decapitated.

The three main finalists were: the princess from James Cameron’s Avatar, a stack of rotten cake, and an ape carrying a cage containing a human. The competition was judged by the six finalists going up on stage and whoever received the loudest cheer was the winner.

In first place, walking away with £1000, was Joe Holman, dressed as the human in a cage. His impressive costume turned heads from the start of the night with many of our fellow students stopping to take selfies with him.

For all of you who were at the Forum for Halloween we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the night and on the winning costume!

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