Guide to dating on a Budget

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer]

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the last of our student finance dwindling – any dating has to be done on a very strict budget! You’ll be pleased to know that aside from fancy restaurants and grand gestures, there is fun to be had at a fraction of the price. Dating on a budget does not have to be daunting, and who knows your love interest may even love it more if it’s a bit different from the norm.

Home is where the heart is.

Why not bring a date indoors; you’ll lose the travel cost and get to be in a place you know and love.

Turn the tradition of taking a date out for a meal by cooking something tasty and homemade in the comfort of your own home. Choose a recipe you’re comfortable with, light a few candles, put some background music on, and it will feel extremely romantic for less than half of what you would have spent in a restaurant.

Traditionally, a trip to the cinema would precede a meal on any standard date but for a way to cut the price even further. Why not use your Netflix account and watch a movie in your living room or borrow one of your friends DVD’s, grab some popcorn from the supermarket, curl up under a blanket and you and your date are sorted for the evening.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Dates don’t always have to be inside; there is a whole wealth of things to do outside to get you and your date out in the fresh air.

A walk is a great idea for a date: you get to exercise, and you can also get to know your date with no distractions – and best of all, it’s completely free! If you do fancy forking out a little bit of money, you could always pick up some hot chocolates for the road, and you have a relaxed and thoughtful date which will definitely be different to what they’re expecting. There are some lovely park walks in Hatfield House if you live in the area or Google walks in your area for other scenic routes.

Local Music Events

Looking up local music events in your area will be a unique and most importantly fun date. There are plenty of up and coming new bands that do gig for free or very cheap to gain a following. The Forum Hertfordshire often has Jam Jar nights showing off the latest talent; and at least you can check if your date has any dodgy dance moves!

Become a Bargain Hunter

If makeshift dates really aren’t cutting it for you, then become a bargain hunter and do dates on the cheap. The Odeon does Bargain Tuesdays where there are slashed prices on all 2d cinema tickets and with a NUS card you can get discounts on many of your favourite restaurants.

The moral of the story is don’t let money ruin your dating plans, whether it’s your latest Tinder match or your partner of three years… make sure you make the most of the month of love! Got a budget dating tip? Let us know @TridentMediaUK!

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