Grumpy Corner: The nightmare of customer service

If you have ever worked in customer service then you can understand that some people are nightmares made flesh. This isn’t an exaggeration, it’s a fact. Earth is round, six is smaller than seven, and some customers make me wish I could shoot laser beams from my eyes, so I could make them vanquish from my till point.

This type of person come in various forms. Each fall into their own category, which I’ll be venting about throughout the semester. It seems like a good way to reduce stress, because right now I fear for my blood pressure. I’ll also decide on an appropriate punishment for their transgressions, because these are clearly horrific crimes against humanity. The current offense – People who put items back in the wrong place!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand everyone has the right to change their minds. You might not have enough change, or you just flat out decided you didn’t want it. That’s fine. What’s annoying is, when you can’t be bothered to expend the minuscule amount of effort it’d take to move a few feet and put it back where you found it. ‘Aren’t you paid to clean up after people and make sure everything’s neat?’ I hear you cry. Well, no. I’m a cashier, not a maid, although you are right about one thing – I am paid to make sure everything’s neat. Only, that refers to lugging stuff onto shelves fresh from a delivery, not fishing out a melted chocolate bar sandwiched between two tins of soup.

Seriously, leaving frozen meat by Pringles isn’t something that one should be reminded not to do! It goes against the basic rules of food preservation! If you leave something in the wrong place and it gets damaged, we’ve lost money. Nobody wants a squashed loaf of bread, or warm yogurt. Not only that, but it just looks messy and creates more work for the employees, and we end up struggling to give the best service we can. Thanks for the inconvenience, Captain Inconsiderate.

Mainly though, I have found the mindset of some customers incredibly rude. Essentially, the line of thinking here is ‘I am too important to move my legs across a room. Somebody else will clean up my mess, I can do whatever I like!’

Also, my shop is only about twenty feet wide, so I’m not exactly asking you to embark on a pilgrimage. Just have a little respect. I genuinely consider it a victory if I go around at the end of my shift and everything is in its proper place. That’s pretty sad actually, but hey, working in retail is all about the little things.

Appropriate punishment: Every time the offender comes home, they find that objects have been moved a few inches, until entire rooms have been completely shifted. This eventually culminates into a psychological breakdown.

What are your customer service pet peeves? Send them to us on Twitter @TridentMediaUK or comment below!

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