Grumpy Corner: The Facebook Rant

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor]

It’s the new year, time for fresh starts, new beginnings and all that malakay. So what could there possibly be to moan about? What has reignited the wrath of the Grumpy Corner? Well it has a little something to do with Facebook.

Last year we were bombarded with Ice Bucket Challenge videos and the no make-up selfies under the pretense that they helped raise money for charity. I, myself, even took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge so I’m not one to judge. BUT, 2015 has been taken over by the most irritating and pointless trend; reposting the ‘first profile pic.’

The trend is pretty self-explanatory. You post your first profile picture and then nominate three friends to do the same. It’s basically #TBT but for every waking second of the day. It’s a way to embarrass everyone and is actually a lose-lose situation for those involved and for those unfortunate ones, like myself, who have to deal with looking at a gazillion photos every day.

First thing I want to say about this annoying craze is; NOBODY CARES. Even if people did want to see your shameful and awkward emo picture from six years ago, there’s a little thing called Facebook Stalking. Everyone has done it, and everyone will continue to do it.  I don’t want your ‘OMG can’t believe I looked like that’ post on my timeline. If I truly cared enough, I would find it for myself.

Next on my agenda is how utterly pointless this craze is. Whilst a small number of people have started donating to Mental Health Ireland, there’s no official charity attached it, so you don’t get lulled into a fake sense of ‘I’m helping people by being nostalgic and vain on Facebook.’ No one knows where this started either, which is lucky for the creator really because I’m sure there’s hundreds of people out there who are sick and tired of scrolling through their news feed and thinking ‘I want to kill whoever started this!’

Finally, the people that annoy me the most with this trend are the ones who say ‘ Don’t know why I’m doing it but here’s my photo.’ Where to start with this? Well the obvious thing must be said, if you don’t know why you are doing it…DON’T DO IT. Save yourself and hop off of the bandwagon, come back and join the normal Facebookers. If enough people don’t join in, the craze will just die off and we can live in peace again.

People who disagree with me will say, ‘Well just ignore it then; don’t go on Facebook; yada yada yada.’ Fair enough. But you don’t understand my frustration and slight increase of stress levels by the fact that my Facebook has been hijacked by something so vexatious. I just want to keep in touch with friends and family and keep up to date with Ladbible. I don’t want to see your old profile picture!

So to bring this rant to an end, please take what I said on board and think twice before joining in Facebook crazes like this one. Think about the amount of people you may be annoying. And most of all, think about the about of ‘Facebook friends’ – and real friends – you might lose in the process.

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