Grumpy Corner: That PDA couple

We’ve just had Valentine’s Day so I can excuse a few mushy statuses; but there is always that one couple (or a few if you’re really unlucky) who seem to clog up every social media feed with declarations of love for their other half.

I’m all for love and have been with my boyfriend happily for three years but telling him how I feel seems a lot more meaningful than an Instagram post with #love, #boyfriend or even worse #bae. Snapchat has made declaring your love even cringer with their new filter option with me and my bae on Valentines Day and unless it’s a picture of you with Netflix, a takeaway or joking – this will be cringe worthy!

Technology has already taken over nearly every aspect of the world – let’s not allow it to take over relationships too! I’m all for love letters, random confessions of love on a Sunday morning, a surprise bunch of flowers or bringing someone a cup of tea for when they wake up; I can guarantee that will mean way more to anyone than the satisfaction that the whole of Facebook now knows that you love your baby so much and could never be without them…

As a side note, if you can’t relate to this post then you probably are the PDA couple. Abort your next status/tweet and think is this really necessary for everyone to know or will anyone actually care?! I can deal with a picture of your date night every now and then but there is always a line. Although this is Grumpy Corner, I do wish everyone every happiness and luck in love, just make sure your partner knows it not for your followers!

P.S I would never write a status like the one below, it was purely for artistic purposes!

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