Grumpy Corner: It’s too early for Christmas lights

Image: Charlotte Mullin

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor]

Image: Pixabay

Before I start, I would just like to confirm something with you all. It’s definitely November, right? Halloween has literally just left our doorstep and people are already putting together their entries for ‘most obnoxious Christmas lights ever’.

I’m definitely not a Scrooge but I don’t like Christmas songs, and I definitely don’t like overzealous displays of flashing Christmas lights. We’re not even close to the festive season and we’re already swapping our neighbours’ sanity for a glowing snowman. I mean, I’m all for some pretty icicle decorations but I’m just not on board with the whole creating your own Santa’s grotto trend.

If I’m completely honest, it just seems like a royal waste of time, energy, and money putting them up this early. People must spend HOURS putting up metres and metres of lighting. Why? Why do it now when waiting until December could actually save you a considerable amount of money? An average set of incandescent string lighting costs about £20 to run over a 37 day period. Here’s an idea – you could use that to get your partner’s mother something more than a box of chocolates.

As a rule, you should be waiting until at least after Bonfire Night before setting up your displays. And if you want to get even more specific, the proper ‘advent’ season doesn’t even begin until the fourth Sunday before Christmas: 29th November. Putting your lights up early takes away from their true festive impact. There’s nothing better than driving around a week or two before Christmas to see all the lights. So sort it out people!

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