Grumpy Corner: Hit ’em in the Polls

You know what’s really annoying? When you ask someone where they want to eat, and they say they don’t mind, so you make a reservation at your favourite restaurant, take them there, and then they complain that they didn’t want to eat Italian, they wanted Chinese.

You know what else is really annoying? People who “aren’t interested in politics”.

Are you voting in the next general election? Are you registered to vote? Did you even know that you had to register? If the answer to any of these questions is no, and you’re a UK citizen who will be aged 18 or above by the 7th of May, then you need to sit down and listen to – well, read – this.

Hertfordshire Students’ Union are currently running the Generation Vote campaign, which is aimed at getting students to vote. If you need more info on voting, or more persuading, you can check it out online. In 2010, around 66% of those registered to vote did so, but almost 9.7 million young people did not vote. That means that those young people had no say in the election of the coalition government which has run the country for the last five years.

It’s pretty tempting for young people to ignore politics. After all, we often feel like politics ignores us. But nothing can change unless we use our right to vote – the right, incidentally, that has been won through years of hard work and sacrifice by previous generations.

If you choose not to vote just because you “can’t be bothered”, then you are refusing to take part in our democracy, and you lose the right to complain about what the government does.

The wave of anti-political sentiment which has taken the nation in the last few years is not limited to students. But we have to be aware that nothing will change unless we vote for change. Don’t like the government? Think they’re ignoring us? Hit them where it hurts – in the polls.

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