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[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor]

The Student Barometer is open again, from the 17th November – 6th December. This is your opportunity to give feedback to the university about your student experience; what’s working, and what isn’t.

Previous Student Barometer surveys have resulted in improvements to the university’s wi-fi system and off-campus lighting to create a safer environment for students.

Focusing on your experience of university services, the Student Barometer refers to areas outside of your programme of study. This includes things such as accommodation, facilities, support services, and security.

The survey is open to all students taught on campus at Level 4, 5 and 7. If you are a first year student (Level 4), you will also cover the reasons for choosing Herts, the application process, arrival, registration and induction. Final year undergraduates are not included, as you will be completing the National Student Survey in 2015.

If you are eligible to complete the survey you will receive an email link, which can be completed at any time via any device including smart phones. Students who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw, with cash prizes up to £1,000 for one lucky student, and four prizes of £500.

The results of the survey will be released in March 2015, and Trident Media will be revealing what students had to say about their university experience.

Completing the Student Barometer is one of the best ways to get your views heard, cultivating changes and improving the university experience for the rest of your time here, and that of future students.

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