Give it a Go: Media Takeover

Updated: May 6, 2021

[Linu Peter & Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writers]

Give it a Go! Media Takeover was on Tuesday 18th November from 12-5pm, with a 12-3pm session on radio and a 3-5pm with print.

After 20 minutes of asking around and walking into random lectures, the media suite was nicely tucked in the corner of Hutton Hall above the Student Union.

It consists of a group area and two studios (Underground and Crush) where we learned the basics of how to use the software and what is involved by being a radio presenter/DJ.

We also got a feel of being on the radio ourselves when we joined a 12-2 slot hosted by Louis Reader and Joash Jarrold. After getting our own radio slot (Tuesday 2-4, don’t miss out!) we moved onto look at print.

One of the activities we were able to do was conduct an interview with Carly Benton, the Assistant Student Activities Manager of Hertfordshire Students’ Union.

Benton talked about the exciting events that are happening with the Give it a Go! programme, such as the Media Takeover.

“This year, we wanted to kick start our new media suite,” said Benton. “There is lots of great stuff in media that we wanted to showcase and get other people involved.”

The Give it a Go! programme, which was previously only available for two weeks last year, has now been extended throughout the whole year. Events such as the Harry Potter World trip, cocktail making sessions, trips to Birmingham, and ice skating are just some of the events for this week!

To find more, and to see what other events are available this year, visit the Student Union website under give it a go or email

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