Girl’s Football Week a success

Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager

Girl’s Football Week has come to end, nevertheless the impact made on the girls at University might just be the start of a new passion! Abby Sanderson coordinated the events on and off campus including a futsal session and a 6-a-side tournament at Brunel. With the help of Active students and Herts Athletic Union, the week was a success and good fun for the participating girls, especially considering the stress of the exam period.

On Tuesday the 26th, girls met up in the sports village to learn more about futsal and give it a try. With Ramon Pineiro (first team futsal player at Herts) leading the session, the girls were guided and introduced to the sport accordingly.  Cass Chen, a final year Mass Communication from Malaysia, explains how joining in this new sport was something special and totally different from what she was used to back home; “it was a great experience for me as I have never been involved in an all-female futsal event in Malaysia”. The futsal session saw a turnout of 12 girls including 5 non futsal players, a decent number for a sport in rising popularity at the University.

On Wednesday, our very own Herts girls made their way to Brunel to participate in a fundraiser for cancer research and celebrate Girl’s Football Week. After a whole day of fun and team bonding under the sun, our girls landed 5th and 7th place.  Shauna Solomon is a 2nd year pharmacy student, she normally participates in our free Active students session “Goals for Girls”. Shauna used to play and coach at a younger age, but unfortunately studies took over, nevertheless participating at Brunel was:

“Great fun, it was a laugh being with the team and getting a good run was great, dusting off the old boots haha!”

She explains how events like this relight her passion for football as she wants to get more girls aware and involved in Football.

Leah is in the same situation as Shauna. She is a first year paramedic and her schedule can be hectic. Leah, has never been part of a football team so going to Brunel and competing was the best experience of her life;

“Being part of a team was the best part at Brunel! I loved playing and being surrounded by girls so much I am considering joining the Athletic Union team next year!”  

Aimee Frith who normally joins in the “goals 4 girls“ sessions shares Leah’s enthusiasm to join the official girl’s football team next year;

“I definitely want to try out for football next year!”

The best part about this week for Aimee was the Brunel tournament as she felt supported and respected by her teammates which made the game a lot more enjoyable.

After a long week and prior stressful weeks of event planning, Abby is glad to hear such positive feedback and explains how stressful it can be organising those sorts of events and trying to get numbers.

“I have my football girls I can count on coming, so it’s always a nice support, but I always get super excited when a new face shows up. At the end of the day, football is my passion and the more people I get involved in it, the merrier!”
futsal session girls football week by Stuart Rice

Images by Lee Warren and Stuart Rice

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