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Raise and Give is a fantastic part of Hertfordshire Students’ Union that raises money for fantastic charities both nationally and locally. We interviewed Brad Johnson, Raise and Give Chair 2014/15 about why RAG is some important at the Students’ Union.

Can you let me know a bit about what RAG is and why it is important to volunteer with RAG?

Raise and Give is a fantastic opportunity not only to meet new people but also raise money for some fantastic causes both nationally and locally. RAG Volunteers not only help run events but are instrumental in the planning of fundraising events.

What will students get out of volunteering with RAG?

Employability Skills, New Friends, Event Planning Skills, Time Management Skills and a sense of fulfilment from helping fantastic causes.

Supposing a student wants to join the RAG team, is the application quite time consuming?

No its a simple form on the Students’ Union website that is then looked at by the staff at the SU.

What exactly do students need to do to apply to become a RAG member?

Just fill in the form and let us know how fantastic you are!

What kind of activities have you done so far and which societies do you help with in terms of fundraising?

Jailbreak,Quizzes, Take Me Out, Bake Offs, Play your Cards Right, Rock n Roll Bingo and obviously our fabulous global trips around the world.

How can students get in contact with RAG and know or keep up to date with any of your upcoming events?

You can get in touch with Raise and Give at loads of places:

@HertsRAG on Twitter and Instagram

So whether you have a couple of hours to spare or even want to put your name to some of RAG’s bigger projects, you should apply now and start making an impact on charities around the world.

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