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At Hertfordshire University we have plethora of societies for you to get involved with, but the current list is far from exhaustive and we need more! All you need is one exciting topic, three core committee members, around 15 interested students, and you’re off! Here’s a selection of societies that Herts should have.

Art & Crafts Society Fancy learning how to sew or knit because poor students can’t afford to buy any more clothes? This could be the society for you! Alternatively, you could use this society for creative projects like decorating picture frames, making bunting etc. I expect you’ll have the odd tea and cake session too.

Live Music Appreciation Society It’s all very well wanting to go to gigs and concerts, but it’s often a struggle to find someone to go with. Through this society you could venture to large venues in London or even track down local gigs and open mics, and all with a crowd of music lovers like you! Neat eh?

Netflix Society Netflix is booming because us students like to junkie-watch our way through episode after episode of TV shows and film sagas. With a Netflix Society you could discuss your favourite programmes on this media provider and even discover what you’ve been missing out on!

Peace of Mind Society I’m sure we’ve all experienced a personal struggle. Peace of Mind Society could help raise awareness on the importance of mental health and simultaneously show how beautiful the body and mind is. As a community and safe-network, there may even be the odd yoga session to de-stress too.

Vegan & Vegetarian Society I thought every university had one of these, but apparently not! Why not start up a Vegan & Vegetarian Society to highlight the importance of the environment, animal welfare and human health?

Interested? Start a society up today! Just visit

What societies are you interested in seeing created? Or are you creating a society this year? Let us know! @TridentMediaUK

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