Get into Football Day

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager]

The start of Semester B saw campus football return with the famous Get into Football Day on 22nd January on the de Havilland pitches.

Creating a team isn’t easy for international students that have just arrived from overseas; which is why Get into Football Day is a vital event for both newcomers and existing teams that are scouting for the next big talent.

The first part of the day was dedicated to the traditional 11-a-side game. Recent winners, Intayanan FC, were scouting for two new players to join their team, with the ambition of winning again this semester.

Reportedly, 15 players showed up to participate and play in the lately shrinking 11-a-side game. The once popular 11-a-side has  seen a drop in attendance this year and, as a result, has the fewest number of teams since the society originated.

The players warmed up and were separated into two teams to play a match; this was their time to impress the scouts and give it their all to show what they were capable of.

Some players showed potential to stir up the games this semester. James Tierney, University of Hertfordshire Sports Development Officer, stated: “I’m certain that some of those recruited on the day will have an influence on the teams they joined this semester.”

This semester, both Intayanan FC and Mouthampton are back in the league. Will Mouthampton be able to knock the previous winners off their perch?  The recently recruited players might well be the catalysts for underdog teams to take control, or at least cause some damage to the usual leaders of the league.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the more popular six-a-side football league where more talent was demonstrated. There’s space for a big competition since 30 teams have signed up to play this semester.

As the team prepare themselves to fight for the title, show your support by attending a game and cheering them on. Let the Games begin! And may the odds always be ever in your favour…

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